Buschmann & Associados - Advogados

Who We Are

Buschmann & Associados is a innovating law firm that seeks the satisfaction of its clients by means of competent, dynamic action and with fair and proportional fees, seeking to be in sync with the costs borne by the companies. With dynamic, capable and loyal action, Buschmann & Associados provides consultancy to its clients in the various branches of the Law, in addition to performing with extreme capability and quality in the defense and representation in tax, corporate and governmental litigations in the federal, state and municipal orbit, working actively for the success of its clients. Above all, we seek to get to know our clients, its market niche, its business practice, so that we are no only Attorneys and Consultants, but rather true partners in the search of its corporate objects. By means of the multidisciplinary knowledge of its members, Buschmann & Associados is always fully dedicated to its clients’ problems and reaping, successively, not only the best legal solution for its business, but rather, the best solution to their corporate activity. Representing interests from various economic segments, such as oil and natural gas, shipping, chemical industry, air gases, metallurgy, textile industry, information technology, entertainment, collective feeding, retail, hospital area, among others, Buschmann & Associados is an united, ethical, pro-active and harmonious group that seeks a single purpose: client’s satisfaction. Buschmann & Associates belong to important National and International Institutions as the International Fiscal Association (IFA), Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce (AHK), Brasil-Japan Chamber of Commerce, Tax Law Brazilian Academy, Finance Executives Brazilian Institute, and others. Headquartered in the City of Rio de Janeiro, located strategically in front of the Justice Forum and near the Ministry of Finance, the Federal Justice and other important Government agencies, the corporation maintains partnerships with well-known Law Firms and Consultants in all major Brazilian cities, as well as abroad.